Thumos – The Republic (doomed post metal)

This album is timeless…. it could have just as easily been released today or 30 years ago or in 300 BC. It will ALWAYS sound powerful! If you need catchy riffs and melodies obscured by a gritty dose of tape saturation – have at it! And be sure to dig into their catalog, past and upcoming.

I didn’t find the Platonian aesthetic appealing on first look (I still don’t to be honest) but that’s mostly irrelevant since the music of Thumos has blown me the fuck away since I came upon their crushing relentless riffscapes in early 2022.


KYOTY – Isolation (atmospheric post metal)

A pleasantly gritty storybook about some sort of pandemic or something. I was happy to find that their previous releases were just as good, and so my playlist this year has seen a lot of the band whose acronym stands for: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself.


Commoner – I (barbaric doom metal)

So these dudes just show up out of the blue and land an absolutely CRUSHING album! I’m even thoroughly enjoying the vocals as well, which is a rarity indeed. I just wish I could figure out the lyrics so that I can more easily place this band on the good/evil, left/right spectrum.

Seriously thought, I hope the the album name stands for First, and that we’ll be blessed with more releases from this band in the years to come.


Brutus – Unison Life (post hardcore)

Speaking of vocals, how about the voice on this girl? Someone described the way this band plays as if it’s their last gig. I hope not. The power comes across from all 3 of them and the production on this album will take Brutus to the next level. Mark my words.




Foot – You Are Weightless (stoner rock, grunge)

Mountainscape – Atoms Unfurling (post metal, ambient)

Devil’s Witches – In All Her Forms (psychedelic rock)

FATIMA – Fossil (grunge, doom metal)

sadness – tortuga (blackgaze, post rock)

Black Math Horseman – Black Math Horseman (atmospheric doom metal)

Tales Under the Oak – Swamp Kingdom (dungeon synth, forest ambient)

Tales Under the Oak – The Toad Folk (dungeon synth, forest ambient)

T​ō​ji – Winter Solstice (winter synth ambient)

Russian Circles – Gnosis (post metal)

Voskod – Dark Side of the Spoon (stoner rock)

Elyvilon – Drums in the Deepwood (dungeon synth, forest ambient)

Thumos – Kallipolis (post metal, doom)

The Black Angels – Wilderness of Mirrors (psychedelic rock)

Sonja – Loud Arriver (goth rock, heavy metal)

Frayle – Skin & Sorrow (witch doom metal)

Girih – Ikigai (post metal, post rock)

People of the Black Circle – People of the Black Circle (atmospheric doom metal)

Blackbraid – Blackbraid I (atmospheric black metal, ambient)

Liquid Earth – Teufelskreis (psychedelic stoner space rock)

Desbot – Pass of Change (post rock, metal)

Midnight Odyssey – Echoes of the Thalassic Deep (space ambient)

Telekinetic Yeti – Primordial (doom metal)

Dreamtigers – Ellapsis (shoegaze rock)

Black Spell – Season Of The Damned (psychedelic doom metal)

Deer Creek – Menticide (doom metal)

My Sleeping Karma – Atma (psychedelic space rock)

Obiat – Indian Ocean (psychedelic rock, doom metal)

Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening (doom metal)

KUEDO – Infinite Window (electronic)

Amos Roddy – Citizen Sleeper (electronic ambient)

Hiroe – Wrought (post rock, shoegaze)

Thammuz – Sons of the Occult (stoner rock)

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