Nedogled (what?) is a recovering nomad now letting his roots grow deep in a Permaculture community among the wild hills of eastern Serbia. Drawing inspiration from deep immersion in nature’s patterns and by observing mainstream culture from a distance, his music doesn’t shy away from triggering dark emotions, while giving glimmers of hope in a chaotic epoch.

Love for distorted riffs and aggressive synths, mixed with a background in running underground raves in the PsyTrance scene, has led him to developing a unique sound that’s best described as an amalgamation of Synthwave and Doom Metal. This blend of instrumental psychedelia is crafted in his solar-powered lair in the woods with an old school hands-on approach of composing and recording without a computer screen.

After releasing an EP of dreamsongs – Čupavi Snovi (Fuzzy Dreams) – nedogled is currently working on a new concept EP that tells the story of humanity’s slow return from the decay of global culture back to the embrace of natural cycles. If you’re into raw riffs, playful melodies and punching rhythm – stay tuned…


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