Nedogled (what?) is a recovering nomad now letting his roots grow deep in a Permaculture community among the wild hills of eastern Serbia. Drawing inspiration from deep immersion in nature’s patterns and by observing mainstream culture from a distance, his music doesn’t shy away from triggering dark emotions, while giving glimmers of hope in a chaotic epoch.

Love for distorted riffs and elaborate synthscapes, mixed with a background in running underground raves during his youth, has led him to developing a unique sound that defies categorization. This blend of instrumental psychedelia is crafted in his solar-powered lair in the woods with an old school hands-on approach of composing and recording without a computer screen.


The Serbian word “nedogled” (недоглед) translates to “endlessness” or “boundlessness” – suggesting something that extends beyond what can be seen or perceived, conveying the idea of vastness or infinity.