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The Best Books on Music Production

Updated: July, 31st. 2023

Some of the best books I have read on composition, production, mixing, mastering and marketing music.

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Spotify Sucks for (Most) Musicians

Published: October 10th. 2022

Putting music up on streaming platforms such as Spotify sucks for most musicians. Lets’ take a look at why that is.

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DAWless Recording Setup for Music Production in 2024

Published: October 3rd. 2022

I’ll present the setup I’ve put together that works well for my workflow, and I’ll provide some pointers for consideration when it comes to putting together a hardware-based music production setup that suits your specific needs.

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Making an Album Cover With Midjourney AI

Published: September 15th. 2022

I used Midjourney AI and GIMP to create cover art for my next release.

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