Halocraft – A Mother To Scare Away The Darkness (post rock, instrumental, shoegaze)

Aw, this album touches my barely existent sentimental side in a very profound way. The cover, the concept, the music… everything works very well together. It’s albums like this that have received so much care and thought as a complete package that separate themselves from the rest of my playlist. The compositions are not particularly layered, so they get their point across clearly and without any doubts. The previous album was also excellent, and I believe they’re working on the next one in this trilogy.


Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – Magnetic Ridge (psychedelic, stoner, doom)

Hey cool, this is the only album with vocals on my top 4 list! Gnarly psychedelic fuzz desert rock, with hints of doom thrown in. A very dynamic journey that goes up and down, for a moment even dropping into acoustic mode, and then going full-gnarl, all effects out, guns blazing with Langolier. Well done. Jack.


Broken English Club – White Rats III (electronic, experimental, industrial)

This one was released earlier in 2021 and I almost forgot about it, but WOW listening to it again after a few months really hits me. A dark and piercing journey through humanity’s ghosts, with tiny slivers of hope appearing here and there. The sound design here is excellent and very inspiring when it comes to my own music making.


The Spacelords – unknown species (space rock, psychedelic)

Three dudes jamming into infinity and representing everything I love about space rock! I’m amazed I haven’t heard of them before, but after listening to a couple of their previous albums, I still prefer this one to all the rest. Their compositions are timeless and their playing is TIGHT! I’m not a fan of songs that drone on for more than 8 minutes… but here I’m making a much needed exception. Time simply flies away with The Spacelords




Black Sky Giant – Falling Mothership (space rock, psychedelic, stoner rock)

Keygen Church – ░█░█░░█░█░█░ (baroque, chiptune, metal)

Black Spell – The Purple Skull (psychedelic, doom metal)

Bogwife – A Passage Divine (stoner rock, psychedelic, doom)

Blind Tendril – α (stoner rock, grunge, metal)

Spaceslug – Memorial (doom metal, stoner rock)

Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 2 – The Golden Orb (black ambient, cosmic doom, metal)

Hollywood Burns – The Age of the Saucers (synthwave, darksynth)

Plaid – Stem Sell (electronic, IDM, ambient)

Acid Mammoth – Caravan (doom metal, psychedelic, stoner)

Doctor Smoke – Dreamers and the Dead (heavy metal)

Heavy Temple – Lupi Amoris (doom metal, psychedelic, stoner rock)

Aythis – Secrets From Below (dark ambient, shoegaze, gothic)

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