Slift – UMMON (psychedelic, space rock)

Whoever thinks there’s nothing new to be heard in Rock music needs to have a listen to this album. The minimalist trio (the drummer only uses a hihat and a ride cymbal ffs!) is able to take the audience on wild rollercoasters that go from spacey and introspective to hard and heavy. I’ll be keeping my eye on these guys, I think they’re going places.


Kind – Mental Nudge (stoner, grunge, metal)

This albums takes 90s Grunge nostalgia and gives it a heavy sludgy edge. It’s the kind of album that makes me think why hasn’t this been done before? And when you start listening to each instrument individually and how they all mesh together you realize… it takes a whole lot of skill to do what these guys are doing.


REZN – Chaotic Divine (psychedelic, doom, metal)

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like to throw a Saxophone into Doom Metal, you’re in for a treat! Great atmosphere, enticing storytelling and a lot of dynamics with some slower songs thrown in as well.


Midnight Odyssey – Ruins of a Celestial Fire (space ambient)

Usually dabbling in the murky waters of Black Metal, this might seem like a departure in style, but the epic storytelling of Midnight Odyssey cannot be escaped.




Nothing – The Great Dismal (shoegaze)

DEADLIFE – Dark Nation (darksynth, synthwave)

UUBBUURRUU – UUBBUURRUU (psychedelic rock)

KARKARA – Nowhere Land (psychedelic rock, fuzz)

Mookielaka – Quarantapes (dark ambient)

Hypnoxock – Beyond the Wormhole (goa trance)

IAH – III (post rock, doom)

Acid Mess – Sangre De Otros Mundos (psychedelic rock, stoner)

VA – Globalsect Radio (goa trance)

Bismut – Retrocausality (space rock, stoner)

Murcielago – Casualties (stoner rock)

Ozric Tentacles – Space For The Earth (psychedelic, space rock)

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