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In a haunting blend of sludgy riffs and shadowy synthscapes, Nedogled unfurls a chilling narrative of nature’s inexorable return to assert its dominion over the human realm.

Following the acclaim garnered by two preceding EPs, the eagerly awaited debut album, SPIRITWOOD, emerges from Nedogled’s solar-powered studio nestled in a remote Serbian wilderness amidst the trees.


“This album represents an exploration of nature in all its forms, from the cradle of life to it being savage and red in tooth and claw.”

Ever Metal

At its core, SPIRITWOOD is a musical adaptation of crowdfunded short stories originally etched in Serbian, chronicling the eerie occurrences in places rarely tread by humankind. An attempt to translate these stories into English abruptly ended once it became obvious that the spirit of these woods could not be retold in a different language. What these narratives needed were sounds of their own.


Drawing inspiration from the spectral realms of Darkynth and the Sludgier echelons of Doom Metal, this album births a sound that is both unique and oddly familiar. The ten songs were composed and recorded over the course of 2 years using an old-school hardware-only approach, only firing up the PC and entering the DAW when it was time for mixing. 


“Synthesized forest frequencies, slithering across your synapses.”

Always casting an inquisitive gaze into the shadows of the deep woods, SPIRITWOOD beckons us to explore the mysteries that lie ahead, ever guided by the enigmatic pulse of nature’s resurgence.


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Release Date: December 1st, 2023

Publisher: Independent / Self-released

Genre: Psychedelic / Electro / Doom / Synth / Metal


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