Nedogled lives in the wild hills of eastern Serbia, where he acts as a conduit for the forest’s dark signals. The emotions that emanate from his solar-powered laboratory of sound are inspired by places that seldom vibrate with human frequencies.


“The woods made me do it…”

He left the city 7 years ago with his partner to start a new life on the fringes of civilization. After the house building and tree planting were done, it didn’t take long to realize that something was observing them from the deep shadows. More than that, it was slithering into dreams and thoughts, leaving gifts of wild visions that had to be tended, before being sent out into the world.

Those visions have been recorded using the tools of distorted synth, crushing guitar and relentless drum, to produce a genre of music that cuts right between Dark Synthwave and Doom Metal.


“Synthesized forest frequencies, slithering across your synapses.”

The first EP of Nedogled was a collection of dreamsongs, created for easing young minds into the dream realm.

The upcoming Eye of the Wild EP is much grittier, grungier and it won’t be putting anyone to sleep. It sucks you into a wild vortex and doesn’t let go until the seed-signals of the forest have been embedded deep within – ready to sprout, when the forest commands it.

Eye of the Wild